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Advisory & Private Banking

... available for accredited, affluent, ultra & high net worth, institutional and non-traditional investors ...

     Caribe Capital Management LLC's management team offers the best certified advice, analyses and private banking available regarding capital finance, investment and securities markets transactions to all members, joint venture partners and owners (investor). Our research analysts, economists and strategists analyze the financial, management, credit, industry and corporate numeric & events indicators regarding all tentative investment and markets while also focusing on the market's interest rate, inflation, GDP financials and forecasts.


     These analyses equip our corporation, investment and portfolio managers with accurate, reliable and certified quantitative & qualitative information; in order to provide the best advisory, planning, investment, private banking and wealth management products & services to our partners for their approval.


     Why, may you ask?


    As a private equity, investment and international trade corporation, it is our responsibility as the managing members, to make sure all partnered members understand the risks involved in each investment or transaction. Although we implement risk management solutions in each transaction; to hedge, minimize or mitigate loss if any, to as low as possible, however there are always uncontrollable macro markets events that may occur to consider.

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