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Treasury & Wealth Management

... involves the collection, handling and usage of cash, as well as assessing market liquidity, cash flow and investments ...

     Caribe Capital Management LLC's treasury management, commonly referred to as ‘Cash Management’, is the process that involves the collection and management of the corporation's cash flows from its operating, investing, and financing activities. These major underlying key aspects of cash management operations insure the corporation's financial stability.


     Our cash management team is made up of experience certified professionals who are responsible for the overall cash management strategies, stability analysis and other cash-related responsibilities. In addition, the corporation management team also offers all partners certified wealth, estate and investment management services. We also receive wealth management advisory service and support from our private banker & relationship manager.

     In any event, external professionals are also contracted to ensure that all partners are properly informed with the most professional, certified and experienced advice, products and services available. 


  • Deposits, Trading Liabilities, Debt and Equity accumulate / increase assets.

  • Short-term & Long-term debt, Trading assets and other assets generate return on investments.

  • Leasing, selling, buying and reselling of debt & equity securities in Capital / Money Markets.


     Moreover, we have implemented as well as utilized the best internal control strategies to manage and achieve efficient cash flows considerations which are comprised of the average length of account receivables, write-offs for uncollected receivables, investment & transaction collection processes, rates of return on cash equivalent investments, liquidity and credit line management.


  • Equities 
  • Fixed Income
  • Private Currencies Exchange (Forward contracts, swaps, etc.)
  • Commodities (precious & industrial minerals, soft commodities, oil & gas, etc.)
  • Real Estate Investment (Residential & Commercial)
  • Alternative Capital investments (Subsidiaries, brands, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, etc.
  • Mutual funds, index funds & exchange-traded fund



     • Financial Planning
     • Estate Planning
     • Charitable Giving ​

     • Lending Solutions
     • Investment Banking

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