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Investment Brokering

... our investment brokerage platforms allow us to execute OTC or SME transactions in real time...

     All merger & acquisition, leverage buyout, direct investment, co-investment, private placement, capital markets & securities and trade transactions are executed through the corporation's private accounts or licensed traders. Our registered investment advisor (RIA) or Asset Manager (AM) handles, process and overlook the settlement of these transactions. Depending on the jurisdiction of some transactions, regulatory law requires that a local licensed RIA or AM is contracted.


     Through our traders, program managers or our banking platform, we are able to buy and sell a variety of investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and more, over the counter or through stock exchanges in all the global markets. Trades and securities backed transactions are executed by our managers, then exclusively placed and settled by in the name of our bank giving the fund (LLC), and its limited liability and joint venture partners complete anonymity.













    Our banking platforms are able to accommodate the international transfer of cash deposits or asset backed securities from limited liability and joint venture partners, and also provide lines of credit or credit facilities. 

     Although our bank process and oversee the settlements of all orders, we remain the assets owner, who typically must claim as taxable income any capital gains incurred from the account, however under the laws of the corporation's jurisdiction, the corporation is exempted from taxes.



     All investment brokerage activities are professionally handled by our experienced fund manager, and team of traders based in top rated banks worldwide who are active experienced professionals in capital, money market & securities transactions and investments.​


        Benefits as a limited liability or joint venture partner:  

      • IBC or LLC Registration (Sint Maarten, Nevis & Switzerland)
      • Citizen by Investment (St. Kitts & Nevis & Switzerland)
      • We arrange Trust, Remittance & Escrow Services

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