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Need Certified Assistance?

     Financial administration is the job of managing financial tasks for a company or organization, for example, controlling the budget, writing financial reports, and providing money for projects. Financial administration is responsible for the overall fiscal management, accounting, and financial reporting for the company.

Corporate Support Services

     Our services are aimed in assisting your company's daily, monthly, quarterly or annual financial operations as well as obligations regardless to its size and industry.

     Are you looking to go public, seeking investment capital for you horizontal or vertical expansion or just simply looking to sell?


     Then look no further, call us now!


Financial Administration:

  • Payroll

  • Income & Company Tax Filing

  •   Certified Accounting Services

      (Quarterly & Annual Statements & Notes Reports)

Financial Modeling & Operations Management:

  • Financial Statements Modeling

      (Daily, monthly, quarterly & annual statements modeling)

  • Operation Modeling, Scheduling, Planning & Analysis

      (For company growth, cost control, asset utilization, taxes, creditors, investors, etc.)

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • DCF (discounted cash flow) Valuation Modeling

  • FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Modeling

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Modeling

  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling

Financial Valuation Analysis:

  • Financial & Valuation Analyses

     (We prepare compact or complete financial & valuation analysis on local, regional or                         international companies).


       This includes the following:

                                                    Corporate & Business Strategy

                                                    Financial Planning & Analysis

                                                   Analyzing Growth Drivers & Business Risks
                                                   Business Valuation
                                                   DCF Valuation Analysis
                                                   Comparable Valuation Analysis
                                                  Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis
                                                  Dashboards & Data Visualization
                                                  PowerPoint & Pitchbooks


     Caribe Capital's management team of experienced professionals also offering assistance in institutional capital finance and investment transactions. We can assist you in your next merger & acquisition, leverage buyouts, private placement, divestiture or initial public or private offering.

   Contact us today and ask for Mr. Lee A. Blackman.



+1 721 553 1569 



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