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     Are you looking to grow your corporate or individual investment portfolio, lower your taxes for the next 5 years while increasing your assets on your balance sheet?


     In these trialing times of government induced stagflation, we have the perfect hedge investment opportunities to overcome inflation.


     We offer you or your corporation low risk adjusted investments with secure, insured A rated bank backed derivatives. This is made possible through shareholder equity or joint venture partnership with us.


     The following information is meant for educational purpose and the respective opportunities available only for High or Ultra High net worth individuals or corporations, “Sophisticated”, "Accredited" or "Institutional” investors.



List of institutional investment opportunities available through our licensed traders:

Bank & Federal/Central bank regulated fixed income private placement micro, small & large cap programs.


  • €/$ 100K to €/$ 500K

      500% return annual with payouts quarterly (every 3 months)


  • €/$ 2.5 to €/$ 4. 5M million

      200% return in 30 days  


  • €/$ 5M to €/$ 50M Cash Bullet

      400% return in 30 days


  • €/$ 60M to 450M

      300% bullet program + 100% monthly return for 10 months


  • €/$ 500M & up 

      500% return in 30 days + 100% monthly return for 10 months 


        We are RWA to arrange programs against cash backed instruments with face value starting at €/$ 250 million. 

     If you are not a partner, member, investor or client of Caribe Capital Management LLC then kindly send the following information to us and we will reach out to you:


  1. Currently dated CIS

  2. Letter of Interest


     The Letter of Interest must be addressed to managing member Mr. Lee A. Blackman and you must state whether you are interested in becoming a shareholder of our private equity fund or JV partnership, as well as which program(s) are of interest.


     We will schedule a conference call and then the program(s) details will follow within 24-48 hours after receiving the aforementioned.

     For and on behalf of Caribe Capital Management LLC;                                              Corporate seal:

Lee A. Blackman,

Managing Member | Fund Manager

Mobile: +1 (721) 553 1569

Curtis R. Helligar

Managing Member | Investor Relations

Mobile: +1 (721) 556 9945





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