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Why Choose Us?

... We are a non-traditional private equity, investment and international trade limited liability corporation (LLC), that is managed by our certified & experienced professionals, asset managers and relationship managers ...

01. Knowledge

     Caribe Capital Management LLC's certified and experienced managers, professional associates, economist, analysts and staff’s extensive awareness in capital finance, investment, economics, markets, securities and banking transactions; have enabled us in knowing how to model, assess, valuate, execute, the legal compliance and regulations governing each transaction.


     In addition, the procedural knowledge obtained from these transactions have skilled and acquainted us with an edge over other professionals. We are able to breakdown all relevant aspects of each investment or transaction and present the particulars to our partners in the manner they can comprehend.

02. Experience

     You can count on a combination of experience from our team of professionals, and investment bankers in the industry, to give you a conscious sense of awareness that will help you keep a keen eye on the relevant indicators, new releases and events in general, pertaining to all investments and transactions.


     Over 40 years of experience and conditioning obtained from commercial & private investments, capital markets & securities and trade transactions, have contributed to the accumulation of priceless conscious processes obtained by our team and investment banking institutions. Our specific perceptions, practical knowledge and familiarity with the industry, give us that experience required as a corporation.

03. Service

     All services are exclusively afforded to limited liability or joint venture partners with no additional charge and are considered value added transactions courtesy of Caribe Capital Management LLC. The benefits of such a service are held, demonstrated by our willingness as general partners, and responsibility as the corporation's management team.


     We offer only the best, reliable and credible resources, skilled professionals, ingenuity, and experience, services to our partners. As service is intangible by nature, our service to you may be defined as acts or performances whereby our professionals provide value to you as our partner.

04. Solutions

     Our management team believes in creating workable solutions for challenging transactions and investments, as well as mitigate unexpected macro market situations with risk averted solutions. By company policy, our risk manager and adjudication team of experienced professionals always create a risk analysis and contingency plan for each transaction, no matter how small or large or the jurisdiction. 

     Circumstances always call for solutions, and we are equipped with trusted risk management solutions and strategies to implement and resolve any calculated or uncalculated circumstance in a transaction that may arise.

05. Integrity

     Our Integral practice of being transparent, showing consistency, uncompromising adherence to strong moral, ethical principles and values are testament to our partners and shareholders as to why we successfully maintain relationships with stakeholders, institutional investors and regulators in the local, regional and international capital finance, investment and banking industry.


     Caribe Capital Management's policy was articulated to supports the fund’s traditional ethics, integrity regarded as the honesty, transparency in all transactions, truthfulness and accuracy of the management team’s actions.

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