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Limited Liability Membership 

... suitable for accredited & institutional investors, high net-worth individuals and corporations ...

     Caribe Capital Managment's operation agreement is an agreement amongst managers, members and potential shareholders (investors). It consists of the roles, operations, varying levels of liability, ownership, etc. which are all found in the bylaws. Your information is kept confidential when we conduct capital markets & securities transactions in the global markets. These transactions may be processed in the name of our contracted registered investment advisory (RIA) or asset manager (AM).

     Being the managers in the limited liability corporation, we are responsible for the daily management of the corporation, post investment advisory and targeted company private equity, investment and international trade portfolio selections. 

     As a limited liability member (investor), you will be partnering with a selected vetted group of integral accredited & institutional investors, ultra-high net-worth individuals and corporations that will pool their money and securities into Caribe Capital Management LLC with yours. These funds will used to purchase shareholder equity in companies, fixed income investment, private placement trading and assets just to name a few, to resell in the future generate an even greater profit for all partners.

     Benefits of becoming limited liability member:


  • Scalable growth

  • Shares are considered securities.

  • Limited liability against any loss. 

  • Partners can be quickly replaced. 

  • The manager and investors work together. 


     As a limited liability company, the corporation is solely responsible for it's debts and risks. 

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