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Joint Venture Partnership

... Access new emerging markets, gain scaled efficiencies and share risk to finance major investments ...

     Our Joint Venture Program creates a strategic alliance between you and Caribe Capital Management LLC, to assist you in raising the capital needed to finance your investment or development project.


     We typically accept joint ventures for one of four reasons; to offer access into traditional and new markets, particularly to emerging and developed markets investors; giving them the option to securely invest in either of the respective markets; to gain scale efficiencies by combining assets, major banking platforms and operations; to share risk to finance major trades, investments, or projects; or to also access skills and capabilities.

     Joint ventures may be facilitated by a governing contract agreement or incorporated as a business entity created between JV partners and Caribe Capital Management LLC. Either or may be characterized by shared markets, ownership, private banking platforms, governance, costs, intellectual property, assets, knowledge, risks, and of course profits.

     Moreover, joint venturing with us differs from a merger in the sense that there is no transfer of outright ownership in the deal.

    How Does a Joint Venture Work?

     Our process of partnering is a well-known time-tested principle.

     The critical aspect of a joint venture does not lie in the process itself, but rather in its execution. We all know what needs to be done: specifically, it is necessary to join forces. 

     However, it is easy to overlook the "Hows" and "Whats" in the excitement of the moment with this new partnership, so we hold advisory sessions to review these two important points.

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